"Windows to the Unknown" by Richard & Sydney Peterson


Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery, Denver, Colorado, united states

Details of organizer

Info! We would like to inform you that this event ended on Sat, 2 March 2013, 12:00 am.
For the Month of Photography we are hosting an exhibition of Richard Peterson's work including collaborations with Sydney Peterson.

"Right after the idea of the Flood had simmered down,
A rabbit stood still in the clover and swinging flower-bells, and said a prayer to the rainbow through the spider's web."
-Arthur Rimbaud

Richard Alden Peterson, who's old-school Punk photography was showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver last year, expands into other bodies of work with this new show; it includes five new collaborations with Sydney Kovac Peterson.

This will be hosted in conjunction with Sonja Rieger's photography.

Opening night is March 1st 6pm - Midnight

The exhibition will be from March 1st - April 5th

Weekly Gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday 1pm - 6pm

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