Marthoma Parishes South East Region: Silver Jubilee Celebrations and Youth/Family Conference


Ascension Marthoma, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States

Details of Organizer
As you all are aware that this year our diocese is celebrating its silver jubilee. We have host of programmes lined up for the year to commemorate the silver jubilee
The first programme would be the Spring Conference to be held on March 30th at the Ascension Marthoma Church.
This year the spring conference will be a unique event where we will have a combined fellowship of all the families and youths of the south east region.
We will start the day with a Holy Communion Service at 9 am followed by the Jubilee celebrations. Following this we will have a youth session and family session separately.
This year we are privileged to have the leadership of Bishop Abraham Mar Paulos Thirumeni and our Diocesan Bishop Geevarghese Mar Theodotius.
Another important highlight of this years jubilee celebration and conference is a combined meeting of families and youths along with Achens and the Bishops, having a paper presentation and discussion on the future goals of ministry and mission of the Marthoma church.